I eat rocks and love women

I'm so glad you're here! This is my personal webpage to write the kinds of things I don't put anywhere else!

I'm trans and lesbian and goblin. My formative fantasy series as a young kid was The Edge Chronicles so for me goblins have always been a diverse and interesting type of characters. I've become aware that many of the goblin stereotypes in Europe are antisemitic and since these stereotypes aren't true about either the goblins I like or the Jewish people I know, I feel confident in saying that it is possible to reject racism and antisemitism completely, while still enjoying goblins. They can be linked but don't have to be. Vigilance is necessary on our part as writers to avoid perpetuating real world harm.

I am autistic and I'm going to act that way. This is my space on the web and it is for me.

Message of the Moment

Being very in love is a good time. My partner helps me manage every day. I highly recommend it.

This is a Living Website, it will always change. Wouldn't it be boring if it all stayed the same?